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crust / кора, корка, корочка
имя существительное
bark, crust, cortex, rind, cork, incrustation
crust, peel, rind, shell, scab, incrustation
crust, scab
покрываться коркой
encrust, crust
давать осадок
settle, sediment, deposit, crust
покрывать коркой
encrust, crust
имя существительное
the tough outer part of a loaf of bread.
a sandwich with the crusts cut off
form into a hard outer layer.
the blisters eventually crust over
For example, terms exist for powdery snow, snow that fell yesterday, and snow that is soft underneath with a hard crust on top.
The lowlands of the island are blanketed with muskeg, a type of bog up to 3 feet deep with a hard crust on top.
I tore off several pieces of crust from the loaf
No one shook with more anger than when they glimpsed a rat contentedly gnawing on a slice of carrot or crust of bread.
It is never more than around half a metre deep, and below it sits a hard crust of limestone, a stratum of free-draining limestone clay, then gravel and finally an enormous water table.
The anorthosite rock then cooled to form a solid crust above the hot, liquid mantle.
Many canopy trees have protruding crowns, and light availability at the surface of the canopy crust should also differ depending on the position relative to the apex of the crown.
But it's not a roll because bread rolls have a crust and barm cakes are soft.
In bread baking, you add a little bit of salt so that, instead of a lumpy, haphazard crust , you get gorgeous, round, smooth loaves.
What's under threat here is simply civilization, the thin crust we lay across the seething magma of nature, including human nature.