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crush / раздавить, сокрушать, давить
crush, smash, flatten, beat in, run down
crush, overwhelm, pulverize, quash, quell
press, crush, squeeze, tread, oppress, squash
имя существительное
crushing, crush
crush, crowding, crowd, jam, cram, throng
crush, hustle, crowd, crowding, cram, jostle
имя существительное
a crowd of people pressed closely together, especially in an enclosed space.
a number of youngsters fainted in the crush
a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate.
she did have a crush on Dr. Russell
a drink made from the juice of pressed fruit.
lemon crush
deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully.
you can crush a pill between two spoons
(of a government or state) violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion).
the government had taken elaborate precautions to crush any resistance
bring about a feeling of overwhelming disappointment or embarrassment in (someone).
his defeat crushed a lot of left-wing supporters
have a brief but intense infatuation for (someone).
the girl I had been crushing on sat next to me
Considering the lack of bodies, there's still something of a crush at the front.
Garvie's had bitter lemon crush, super bitter lemon crush and lemon crush .
it turns out she thought you were flirting with her crush
Realizing that you're starting to have a crush on a friend can produce a whole new set of fears and considerations.
I knew him casually but he wasn't the kind of guy I'd ever have a crush on.
He was to all intents and purposes heterosexual… but then he found he had a crush on one particular bloke in his office.
the government had taken elaborate precautions to crush any resistance
Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
lemon crush
Did you ever have a crush on someone so off the beaten path that people just shake their heads at you in dismay when you mention it?