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crusade / крестовый поход, поход, кампания
имя существительное
крестовый поход
crusade, jehad, jihad
campaign, hike, crusade
campaign, crusade
выступить в поход
fight, struggle, combat, deal, contend, crusade
имя существительное
a medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.
Medieval England was to gain a great deal from the Crusades .
lead or take part in an energetic and organized campaign concerning a social, political, or religious issue.
he crusaded against gambling in the 1950s
Nonetheless, I'm somewhat sympathetic to their crusade against horrible animal living conditions.
The grandfather of a teenage boy who died after inhaling an aerosol is now committed to a life-saving crusade against solvent abuse.
a crusade against crime
Therefore, the Civil War must be a religious crusade to regain the Almighty's favour.
His crusade against the government apathy towards ex-soldiers and their families is continuing even at the age of 81.
His crusade against greyness is in part a response to his experience of Czechoslovakia which, as a dual passport holder, he left for London in 1968.
Town leaders are calling for a crusade against television programmes they claim are eroding moral values.
The Armada was not only a religious crusade - though the people of Spain interpreted it as being so.
His crusade against redundancy and overspending in government seemed fuelled by an overriding concern for the common good.
Our specialized insights and practices are crucial in the national crusade for health.