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crunk / crunk
имя существительное
a type of hip-hop or rap music characterized by repeated shouted catchphrases and elements typical of electronic dance music, such as prominent bass.
You said before that crunk is just recycled bass music.
имя прилагательное
(of a person) very excited or full of energy.
get crunk with some raw hip hop
He cruises through genres like he's giving a guided tour, hitting crunk , dancehall, hip-hop, reggaeton, and naturally, a handful of bedroom ballads along the way.
I see grime music as a UK crunk , they get you hyped and people get rowdy, it's the same vibe.
You can't truly keep it crunk at an all-ages, family-oriented event, right?
Never on God's sweet earth has there been a more glorious union of manipulated kiddie-singing samples, frenetic bhangra pluckings, and classic crunk growl.
Doesn't the industry realize that even though girls like to get down to the crunk , they'd probably be even more into it if it was even the slightest bit empowering to THEM.
They played a big part in the rise and rise of crunk too, combining their old skool soul sensibilities with a new millennium base and creating something totally on their own, off the wall, unique, crazy and brilliant.
With their Dirty South sound, they gave the crowd exactly what they wanted - to get crunk of course.
The kind of hip hop that he makes is called crunk , a peculiarly Southern variant that's molasses-thick and influenced by the local drug of choice, syrup.
Maybe Laura will happily drop me off there so I can get crunk without her for a change.
You said before that crunk is just recycled bass music.