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crunchy / хрустящий, скрипучий
имя прилагательное
crisp, crispy, crunchy, crackling, crackly, crimp
creaking, squeaky, creaky, strident, grating, crunchy
имя прилагательное
making a sharp noise when bitten or crushed and (of food) pleasantly crisp.
bake until the topping is crunchy
politically and environmentally liberal.
a song that incorporates whale-singing seems pretty crunchy
Each level of the garden has a pathway of crunchy gravel, making the garden a visual and tactile delight.
This is why they are fluffy on the inside and crisp, or even crunchy , on the outside.
Clean and fresh, this was perfectly seasoned, and the tender tuna was wonderfully complemented by the crunchy , sharp tasting sprouts.
The paths are made of crunchy slate so they can't creep about without making a noise.
Aside from the usual setup of guitar, bass, and drums, the album is home to lots of strange, squeaky, and crunchy noises.
Sometimes if l want a really crunchy topping l crush a pack of plain crisps and add them to the cheese before crumbling it over the surface.
I liked it very much, with its rich texture and flavorful bite, all fluffy batter, cheese bits and crunchy pieces of bacon.
Desserts offered were a chocolate torte, fresh fruit salad (great, not too many apple slices) and a hot concoction of a light sponge topped with apple and blackberries that had a crunchy crumble thin layer on top.
I enjoyed their crunchy crumbly texture and deep flavor very much - and was pleasantly surprised, too, for baking by instinct is usually a rather risky endeavour.
This had the rich creamy consistency and hard crunchy top one would expect, but also boasted the most subtle wafts of flavouring.