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crumpet / пышка, сдобная пышка, аппетитная бабенка
имя существительное
crumpet, pikelet
сдобная пышка
аппетитная бабенка
имя существительное
a thick, flat, savory cake with a soft, porous texture, made from a yeast mixture cooked on a griddle and eaten toasted and buttered.
Enjoy beautifully prepared cakes and pastries, or a full afternoon tea with sandwiches, toasted buttered crumpets and scones, while you are transported back in time.
I got changed and toasted a hot crumpet to cure the cold and wet, before heading out in the car for dinner.
fat chance of our running into any crumpet
Staffordshire oatcakes are thicker and round, more like a thin crumpet or modern pikelet, and are fried with bacon for breakfast.
he's the thinking woman's crumpet
There were no crumpets to be had, and the hot buttered muffins were tepid and rubbery.
We shared two hot toasted crumpets and a cherry scone.
They were low on bakery stuff however; I got the last packet of crumpets , though they were a bit squashed but I couldn't find a single loaf of bread.
Soon enough, there was a pot of steaming coffee and a plate of honey-drenched crumpets standing in front of her.
At home my father tears open a packet of crumpets and toasts them on the Aga.
After a few months I might expand to toasting bagels, baps, teacakes and crumpets .