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crumbly / рассыпчатый, рыхлый, крошащийся
имя прилагательное
crumbly, crisp, powdery, mealy, short, arenaceous
loose, friable, lax, soft, crumbly, doughy
crumbly, friable
имя прилагательное
consisting of or easily breaking into small fragments.
the cheese is crumbly and moist
The grass leaves and roots gradually rot down to produce a fine, crumbly loam that can be used for potting all sorts of plants from tomatoes to tulips.
The lowermost layer was very soft, crumbly yellow sandstone that would fall apart in your hands with enough pressure.
There were piles of the stuff - crumbly sand with a demerara-sugar like texture and just enough moisture to hold together curving walls and vaulting floors.
If you are not keen on feta, use something else crumbly , such as Cheshire or Lancashire cheese.
On the back of the cave was an upturned seaman's chest that spilled crumbly garments of silk and lace, ivory and gold ornaments, and heaps of gold and silver coins and fine jewellery of old.
Although you can use any stuffing recipe that you might use for a chicken or turkey, the recipe below, which has a moist, light and slightly crumbly texture, works well.
If you're not a fan of chèvre (goat's cheese), you can replace it with almost any crumbly cheese.
Fail to get the balance of ingredients right and you will end up with a slimy, smelly mess rather than the rich, crumbly mulch that is the sign of good compost.
It makes clay-like soil more crumbly and helps sandy soil retain moisture.
Stilton is a creamy and slightly acidic blue cheese with a soft and crumbly texture.