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crumb / крошка, мякиш, кроха
имя существительное
chit, crumb, baby, poppet, babbie, bud
crumble, chop up, chop, hash, crumb, shred
обсыпать крошками
roll, cause to fall, heap round, crumb
имя существительное
a small fragment of bread, cake, or cracker.
Rowena looked around at the wreck of her cake, at all the dirty dishes and the cake crumbs under the cooling racks.
an objectionable or contemptible person.
he's an absolute crumb
cover (food) with breadcrumbs.
crispy crumbed mushrooms with garlic dip
And there's this really good inn next door and they serve delicious baked pudding and crumb cake and spiced bread and jam…
The key components in achieving a crusty bread with a lusciously soft crumb are heat and steam.
We started with tremendous sourdough bread whose moist grey crumb , chewy crust and deep sustaining flavour would certainly attract compliments and loyalty even in France.
The book is all songs and vignettes, with the odd crumb of action or smidgen of spoken words.
Lay fillet on absorbent paper and crumb the rest of the fish.
Can you not look around you at all you have and, from such a position of success, take pity on those of us forced to battle each day for whatever crumb of self-respect we can muster?
he's an absolute crumb
Crush the biscuits into a crumb texture, add the melted butter and mix together.
Halve ciabatta and lightly toast the crumb side. Drizzle with 2 tbsp olive oil.
Often we are grateful for any little crumb that befalls us: some coded glance, some double entendre remark, some hinty, winking reference.