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cruiser / крейсер
имя существительное
имя существительное
a relatively fast warship larger than a destroyer and less heavily armed than a battleship.
At sea, he served in a battleship, an aircraft carrier, in cruisers , destroyers, frigates, and a minesweeper.
a yacht or motorboat with passenger accommodations, designed for leisure use.
The harbour has both a commercial quayside and marina which was crowded with expensive yachts and cruisers .
an automobile that can be driven smoothly at high speed.
The cruiser sped along the highway under the evening sky.
Across the street was the police station where a cruiser abruptly pulled up.
A typical carrier battle group consists of an aircraft carrier, a cruiser , two destroyers, an attack submarine, and a fast combat support ship.
In one hand, clenched in his fist, was the key to his police cruiser .
Even though GM built the XLR on the Corvette chassis, it's more of a smooth-riding cruiser than a sports car.
The arresting officer was obliged to carry or drag her to his police cruiser and a female colleague was dispatched to the scene to assist him.
He left the Institute with the two police officers in a police cruiser .
Battlecruisers are the size of battleships but more lightly armoured, so they have the speed of a cruiser .
A fisherman will likely consider the accommodations downright luxurious while a cruiser will find them a little short on privacy.
After over 60 cruises she decided to compile her expertise in an e-book to share with other cruiser , first timers or seasoned cruisers.
Over the course of three years, more than 50 young unemployed people in the town acquired various skills in order to restore and convert the barge into a passenger cruiser .