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cruise / круиз, рейс, плавание
имя существительное
cruise, round trip
flight, voyage, cruise, trip, run, journey
swimming, navigation, voyage, swim, sailing, cruise
морское путешествие
cruise, sail, navigation
совершать рейс
journey, ply a voyage, cruise
имя существительное
a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a vacation and usually calling in at several places.
a cruise down the Nile
sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure.
they were cruising off the California coast
(of a motor vehicle or aircraft) travel smoothly at a moderate or economical speed.
we sit in a jet, cruising at some 30,000 ft
(of a young child) walk while holding onto furniture or other structures, prior to learning to walk without support.
my daughter cruised at seven months and didn't walk until just after her first birthday
The luxury cruise ship sailed on her maiden voyage 24 June 1913, from Detroit, Michigan, to Buffalo, New York.
After bad weather caused the cancellation of the last planned visit of the cruise liner, the Golden Princess, she finally made it on Saturday.
At the head of the West Arm, the Grand Pacific Glacier has a frontage over a mile wide, dwarfing even the massive cruise ships which venture up to marvel at nature in the raw.
Industry providers were selected from the hotels, inns and villas, charter boats, cruise ships, taxis, rent-a-cars and restaurants.
They have a flash little car, and cruise the streets to pick up young ladies.
Most commercial jetliners cruise somewhere between 30,000 and 45,000 feet above mean sea level.
They cruise slowly through the water, cavernous mouths agape, skin covered in a foul-smelling mucous and often trailing long threads of algae from their long pectoral fins.
The AIP fuel cell allows the U212 to cruise under water for weeks without surfacing.
After his stint there, he wanted to see the world and as he had always had an interest in ships and sailing, applied for a job on a cruise liner as a chef.
a cruise liner