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cruelty / жестокость, безжалостность, бессердечие
имя существительное
cruelty, brutality, violence, atrocity, ferocity, severity
имя существительное
callous indifference to or pleasure in causing pain and suffering.
he has treated her with extreme cruelty
I hope the resulting media coverage will help to foster a greater awareness of the cruelty involved.
she divorced my stepfather for persistent cruelty
he has treated her with extreme cruelty
he has treated her with extreme cruelty
Why were children treated with such cruelty , both physical and emotional?
They emphasise, instead, the degree of cruelty inflicted by men on women.
In 1948, Wyman sued for divorce, charging extreme mental cruelty .
The whole point of this storyline is that he has reduced her to a gibbering wreck through emotional and verbal cruelty without any physical violence.
Mistakes I can forgive, but deliberate intent to harm or random acts of cruelty , I find repulsive.
Charges of dangerous driving and child cruelty were withdrawn by the prosecution.