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crude / сырой, неочищенный, грубый
имя прилагательное
raw, crude, damp, wet, moist, green
crude, raw, unrefined, unpurified, unpeeled, impure
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, tough
имя существительное
raw material, raw, stock, crude, primary products, staple
имя прилагательное
in a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined.
crude oil
constructed in a rudimentary or makeshift way.
a relatively crude nuclear weapon
(of language, behavior, or a person) offensively coarse or rude, especially in relation to sexual matters.
a crude joke
имя существительное
natural petroleum.
the ship was carrying 80,000 tons of crude
She vaguely remembered him from a childhood television program, which made his crude jokes especially shocking.
But the direction is often crude and lacks the subtlety and genuine insights of his later work.
But oil crossed into new territory in Singapore trade this afternoon, with TAPIS crude hitting $67.44 US a barrel.
They also classify species according to abundance (based on crude estimates of population density and suitable habitat).
Indonesia mainly exports crude palm oil, natural gas, agricultural and mining products, and wood to South Korea.
The embargo caused an oil shock that ‘doubled the real price of crude oil at the refinery level, and caused massive shortages in the US’.
Not because the idea is so crude and unlikely, but because of the enormous prospect of being rejected by everyone.
New York's light sweet crude for delivery in August dipped eight cents to $39.88 per barrel in pre-opening electronic deals.
No wonder that the resulting building was diagrammatic in planning, and often crude in construction.
These estimations are relatively crude : a linear approximation for the dose - response curves was used, but this is not necessarily a true model and may not always be fulfilled.