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crucible / тигель, суровое испытание
имя существительное
crucible, pot, melting pot, platen, bowl, platten
суровое испытание
crucible, ordeal
имя существительное
a ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures.
Molten magnesium does not attack iron in the same way as molten aluminum, and the metal can therefore be melted and held at temperature in crucibles fabricated from ferrous materials.
All of my friendships were tested in the crucible of those terrible days when we first discovered and began to deal with my daughter's illness.
We were at Greenwich Village at the time of the wonderful crucible of creative alteration of the nation.
It's an interesting, even important film, and seems more so today, if only as a document of its time - that crucible when gender roles went up in flames, along with many marriages.
the crucible tipped and the mould filled with liquid metal
But international crises such as this are a crucible in which political futures are forged.
The glass was melted in a platinum crucible in air at 1873K for one hour, annealed, and then cut into 10 x 10 x 3-mm samples.
We plunge into the crucible of solitude to discover the secret of life and love.
While much of value can emerge from the crucible of heated debate, I do not believe that insulting the other participants in that debate is a necessary part of this.
The young men and women who have been through the crucible of combat - often on repeated deployments - are hardly naive.
The French nation (or at least one version of it) had been forged in the crucible of revolution and war.