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crucial / решающий, критический, ключевой
имя прилагательное
decisive, crucial, critical, final, winning, determinative
critical, crucial, critic, pointed, climacteric
key, crucial
cruciate, cruciform, crucial
имя прилагательное
decisive or critical, especially in the success or failure of something.
negotiations were at a crucial stage
Monitoring blood lipids is crucial to ensure that the diet is having the desired effect.
Everyone was aware that those games weren't crucial , and it was just the group stage.
The decision on where to film was crucial to the success of the dramas.
Once he understands that crucial difference, he should get off to a good start.
I see the next 18 months as crucial to the long-term development of the game.
A near doubling of the share values would be a crucial factor in any decision that is made.
All the time, it is crucial to remember that we are never alone.
The chemistry so crucial to the success of any screen romance is absent.
Ambitious plans to complete a town centre pedestrianisation zone have reached a crucial stage.
Strategies for effective communication and involvement are crucial at this stage.