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crozier / крозье
имя существительное
a hooked staff carried by a bishop as a symbol of pastoral office.
Abbots, abbesses and bishops were buried with their croziers , the pastoral staffs symbolic of their office.
A bishop's crozier possibly thought to date from the early 7th century has been found in a peat bog in Co Offaly, 60 miles west of Dublin.
The nuclei in the penultimate cell undergo a final round of premeiotic replication and then fuse, whereas the basal nuclei enter a new crozier .
And we should not forget that the altarpiece's narrative culminated in the sculpted Coronation of Mary, an event also depicted on the top of Abbot du Clercq's crozier in the Visitation.
After 10 mitotic divisions, the tip of the hypha bends to form a crozier into which migrates one nucleus of each mating type.
All the dozen scientists crowded to shake hands with the bishop; he put away his crozier and shook them all.
His crozier and a psalter associated with him were, later, taken into battle.
I was so delighted with the Pope's visit that I, in a burst of Irish Catholicism, the intensity of which would have melted St. Patrick's crozier sent a postcard off to The Catholic Herald saying how I felt about John Paul's visit here.
After the formalities, he laid his crozier , as the seal of office, on the altar.
In the Celtic regions, where relics were more usually associative than corporeal, these often took the form of a bell once owned by the saint, a crozier , or a book.
However, Neolecta lacks paraphyses, and the croziers do not develop until the ascus is formed.