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croupier / крупье, банкомет, помощник председателя
имя существительное
banker, croupier
помощник председателя
имя существительное
the person in charge of a gaming table, gathering in and paying out money or tokens.
Over 60 percent of the casino employees, including food and beverage workers, croupiers , housekeepers, store personnel and security staff, were involved.
the assistant chairman at a public dinner, seated at the lower end of the table.
The room was empty apart from a big table set for nine diners in the centre, and on the back wall, a croupier and his gaming table.
In 2003 he headbutted a French policeman after getting into a fight with a casino croupier .
Another hotel did have an opening, as a croupier , and he entered the world of the gaming industry, where he was to be a player for the next 35 years.
If you go into a casino, the croupier is trained to get the chips down the hole as fast as possible and get onto the next game, it's all about getting as much money and the slot machines are designed like that as well.
So he takes a job as a croupier at a casino - something he has done before in South Africa.
To make matters worse, his casino in Manchester runs into a spot of trouble with a high-roller and a corrupt croupier .
His South African father urges him to take a job as a croupier in an opulent casino.
You have to make a choice in life: be a gambler or a croupier - and live with your decision.
Maybe he could have been tamed in other circumstances, but working as a croupier in a casino in the Bahamas was just about the worst combination.
The fun casino night will be run by fully trained croupiers and dealers and will feature full size roulette and blackjack tables.