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croup / круп лошади, зад
имя существительное
круп лошади
ass, backside, rear, bottom, behind, croup
burr, croup
wheeze, croak, crepitate, croup
хрипло кричать
имя существительное
inflammation of the larynx and trachea in children, associated with infection and causing breathing difficulties.
These types of virus do not always cause the breathing difficulties associated with croup .
the rump or hindquarters, especially of a horse.
The powerful, level back slopes downward at the croup .
Certain infections in children, most notably croup and epiglottitis, can also cause airway obstruction.
In children with croup , viral infection causes this area to become inflamed and edematous, which can lead to obstruction.
Bronchiolitis was the most common diagnosis, followed by pneumonia and croup .
Steam often helps children with mild cases of croup to breathe easier.
Most children with croup get better without problems.
In addition to the effects on the upper airway, the infections that cause croup can result in inflammation further down the airway, including the bronchi (breathing tubes) and the lungs.
In children, fever associated with dyspnea usually implies an infectious cause, such as pneumonia, croup , or bronchiolitis.
The powerful, level back slopes downward at the croup .
The foals bear his unmistakable stamp; an elegant neck and head, good bone, round croup with a full hip and low tail set and a straight forward, suspended movement.
Children who are born prematurely or who have a history of lung disease, such as asthma, may develop severe breathing difficulties if they get croup .