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crotchety / своенравный, капризный
имя прилагательное
wayward, capricious, willful, restive, crotchety, nasty
capricious, whimsical, cranky, naughty, fractious, crotchety
имя прилагательное
he was tired and crotchety
In his early 40s, he was prematurely crotchety .
I was raised by some pretty crotchety people who feel that moral responsibility starts with the individual first, society after.
Children will have to feel they can enjoy the activities, she says - and it would help if they could be given a snack, too, so they weren't too hungry and crotchety by the time their parents came to pick them up.
Papa has always been a crotchety , grouchy, grumpy yet extremely lovable old coot.
I find myself despairing and crotchety about aspects of modern life.
If my feet are comfortable, then I don't get crotchety and start moaning.
The crotchety and the crooked have their vulnerabilities and kindnesses, and no-one is wholly good or bad.
Instead, I felt sort of tense, crotchety and out of control most of the day.
It's hard to stay crotchety about Christmas when my flatmates are all spirited.
The truth of the matter is, we just live by an increasingly crotchety woman who hates progress.