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crotch / промежность, развилина, разветвление
имя существительное
crotch, perineum, fork, crutch
crotch, yoke
branching, bifurcation, ramification, fork, crotch, embranchment
имя существительное
the part of the human body between the legs where they join the torso.
Hip circumference was defined as the widest point, between the iliac crest and the crotch .
It amused Adriana to watch him do it, balanced in a crotch of his beech tree, fishing for hours in the morning and after a long nap in the heat of the day.
In pants, full front thighs create diagonal wrinkles, pulling from the inside legs at the crotch .
Once the bag and line were lowered to the ground, a climbing rope was tied to the slick-line, which was used to pull it over the branch or tree crotch .
The inseam is the length from the base of the crotch to the bottom of your pant leg at the seam.
When fitting the crotch, keep in mind that the back crotch seam will stretch because it's on the bias.
Somewhat frustrated at the range, he walked over to a nearby tree, placed the barrel in the crotch of that tree, and proceeded to bend the barrel in the direction of the needed adjustment.
The best clothes for these day to day needs are simple body suits with snaps at the crotch .
Well, Ron had planted himself in a straddle position facing the tree, in the crotch of a very big branch and the trunk.
Squat to see if pants gap in back, or cut into the crotch .
All women should be conversant with basic self - defence, including how to punch the solar plexus and kick at the crotch .