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crossword / кроссворд
имя существительное
crossword, crossword puzzle
имя существительное
a puzzle consisting of a grid of squares and blanks into which words crossing vertically and horizontally are written according to clues.
Work your mind with brain-teasers, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords or quiz books.
He left his cryptic crossword on the desk, with two clues still unanswered.
It's not even a good pun, which, like a good crossword clue, should work on both the superficial and the cryptic levels.
she settled down to do the crossword
There's something anodyne about even his best work; it has the cerebral coldness of a crossword or mathematical puzzle.
Jack scribed the word beings into the appropriate boxes on the crossword .
He would even interrupt classes to ask teachers to solve the crossword clues that he could not solve.
They dig for juicy details as adroitly as they do the crossword and jigsaw puzzles that they plug away at.
I couldn't answer one of the clues in my crossword .
It was the only word I needed to complete the crossword .
He ran the words through his mind, almost like a crossword clue.