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crossways / крестообразно, накрест, крест-накрест
crosswise, crossways
crosswise, crossways
criss-cross, crossways, crosswise, across
I was running a little more parallel to the bank, because the soft current was pushing against me, and I couldn't keep the boat altogether crossways .
Personally I go there for the cinnamon toast - cut into thin soldiers piled crossways .
His very clothing and weaponry seemed determined to hamper him, fabric catching on a nail here, a splinter of wood there, his sword jamming crossways against two beams behind him and pinning him until Michael set him free.
Suddenly, one of her flankers raised her greatfork above her cowl, held crossways like a horizontal bar.
This is faster than slicing the cucumber and bread crossways and assembling each sandwich separately.
She woke up laying crossways across her bed, in her dress from the night before.
I just had time to lay crossways to it and kick it when all I saw was a brown cloud.
The truck finally came to a complete stop crossways on the road blocking traffic from both directions.
The knife was sticking out next to me, as he was lying crossways on me.
The girls in my room made the sleeping space bigger by sliding the tiny beds together, and then slept on them crossways .