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crossfire / перекрестный огонь, словесная перепалка, шумный обмен мнениями
имя существительное
перекрестный огонь
cross-fire, converging fire
словесная перепалка
шумный обмен мнениями
имя существительное
gunfire from two or more directions passing through the same area.
a photographer was killed in the crossfire
One civilian was killed and a second was wounded in crossfire .
Two civilians, caught in the crossfire , were also killed, the report said.
His late father was treated for gunshot wounds after being caught in gang crossfire when his son was 18.
The lieutenant went back to find more than 15 men killed by machine-gun crossfire .
the sponsors are caught in the crossfire of the battle between the world champion and his team boss
Three civilians were caught in the crossfire and killed, and one was wounded.
Aid workers have been caught in crossfire between warring groups of militia or bandits.
Second, it serves as a reminder of the tragic toll war takes on innocents who find themselves caught in the crossfire between contending armies.
A policeman and a civilian caught in crossfire were also killed.
grape growers have been caught in the crossfire of the boycott