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crossbow / арбалет, самострел
имя существительное
crossbow, arbalest
crossbow, bow, arbalest
имя существительное
a medieval bow of a kind that is fixed across a wooden support and has a groove for the bolt and a mechanism for drawing and releasing the string.
The movie features many different races using many different types of longbows and crossbows in warfare.
A crossbow , rifles, swords and bayonets were some of the items collected at police stations across the region.
Bows fell into three main types: the composite bow, the crossbow , and the longbow.
He was hit with a bolt from the crossbow and then struck a number of times across the back of the head.
A goose miraculously survived when two bolts fired from a crossbow went through its neck.
Alex carefully took a bolt out of her crossbow and held it deftly into her mouth.
The crossbow was too popular and too useful in war for either participating side of a war to give up its use.
Then one of then pulled out a crossbow and shot arrows above my head.
He grunted in pain as a bolt from a crossbow tore a gash in his leg, then he plunged into the water and sank.
A hand suddenly grabbed her arm and yanked her back against the wall, just out of the path of a crossbowman 's fire.
The crusaders consisted mainly of knights and some crossbowmen .