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crossbar / перекладина, поперечина, штанга
имя существительное
crossbar, beam, horizontal bar, rail, slat, spoke
crossbar, cross-piece, rail, traverse, bolster, cross-arm
barbell, rod, weight, crossbar
bar, strap, strip, plank, lath, crossbar
spacer, strut, brace, spreader, distance piece, crossbar
имя существительное
a horizontal bar fixed across another bar or between two upright bars, in particular.
Beneath the H's crossbar rests a pair of baked-bean cans.
Cut logs and two planks nailed together for a crossbar make up the goal posts but from somewhere proper football nets have been found.
To score you must put the ball over the crossbar for a point or under the crossbar for a goal, worth three points.
He was unlucky with a shot that rebounded off the crossbar .
He picked his spot but the ball rebounded off the crossbar and was cleared to safety.
The 10-foot-high crossbar represents the defensive linemen's ability to jump and extend their arms.
The fans in the arena knew about that winning kick the moment it sailed over the goal post crossbar .
This hypothesis was discarded because the joint with the crossbar was intact and without representing signs of torsion.
The system consists of 640 processor nodes, connected by a 640 by 640 single-stage crossbar switch.
He might even have scored a brilliant goal but the crossbar came to their rescue.
Beneath the H's crossbar rests a pair of baked-bean cans.