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cross-examine / подвергать перекрестному допросу, допрашивать
подвергать перекрестному допросу
cross-examine, cross-question
interrogate, question, examine, try, catechize, cross-examine
question (a witness called by the other party) in a court of law to discredit or undercut testimony already given.
Her counsel also suggests, in cross-examining a prosecution eye witness, Gary, that he had been high on heroin on the night of the alleged murder and that his account of events was not therefore reliable.
They are neutral observers who can challenge the prosecution and cross-examine witnesses.
They won't give out press conferences to give the media an opportunity to cross-examine their officials.
It was there that I was able to surreptitiously cross-examine these men.
But I would immediately cross-examine her on the nature of their relationship.
He then attempted to cross-examine this key prosecution witness.
he would decline to cross-examine the prosecution witness
Politics, however, cannot be kept out of the trial without abandoning some fundamentals of the rule of law, like allowing the defendant to cross-examine witnesses for the prosecution.
In fact, he did attend to cross-examine one further witness but otherwise took no active part in the proceedings thereafter.
The prosecution even declined to cross-examine the last defense witness.
The case involved a woman who was denied legal aid having to cross-examine in court the man she alleged had physically abused her.