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cross-cultural / относящийся к разным культурам
имя прилагательное
относящийся к разным культурам
multicultural, cross-cultural
имя прилагательное
of or relating to different cultures or comparison between them.
cross-cultural understanding
A voluntary youth group is doing its best to keep youngsters occupied during the holidays and promoting cross-cultural links at the same time.
Twinning links are being established between schools and organisations interested in developing cross-cultural links.
I am from a cross-cultural family with a mother from Delhi, India and an English brown-haired, blue-eyed father.
He imagines a cross-cultural dialogue between representatives of different traditions.
When it comes to cross-cultural comparisons, however, the situation is very different.
Early in my time here, I had the chance to attend a cross-cultural course.
One limitation often found in cross-cultural research is a failure to interpret differences between cultures.
Everybody gets on because we can all defuse our cross-cultural tensions by cracking jokes about our belief systems and ourselves.
It took some time, but eventually all four communities agreed to participate in the cross-cultural meetings.
It is a great way to develop cross-cultural awareness, global citizenship and community involvement.