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cross / крест, кросс, крестик
имя существительное
cross, X, mark, rood, criss-cross
cross, cross-country
cross, dagger, X, obelisk, obelus, cross-stitch
cross, intersect, cross over, traverse, pass, cut
go, proceed, turn, pass, transfer, cross
cross, intersect, meet, cut
имя прилагательное
transverse, cross, transversal, diametrical, crosscut, traverse
cross, criss-cross, criss-crossed
angry, grumpy, irate, cross, gruff, sullen
obliquely, askance, askew, slantwise, aslant, cross
имя прилагательное
he seemed to be very cross about something
имя существительное
a mark, object, or figure formed by two short intersecting lines or pieces (+ or ×).
cut a cross in the bark with a sharp knife
an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion.
May that which is unholy within me be nailed to the sacrificial cross of crucifixion and may that which pleases you be raised in the holy and blessed hope of the ressurection.
an animal or plant resulting from crossbreeding; a hybrid.
a Devon and Holstein cross
a sideways or transverse movement or pass, in particular.
go or extend across or to the other side of (a path, road, stretch of water, or area).
he has crossed the Atlantic twice
pass in an opposite or different direction; intersect.
the two lines cross at 90°
draw a line or lines across; mark with a cross.
cross the t's
(of a person) make the sign of the cross in front of one's chest as a sign of Christian reverence or to invoke divine protection.
Ted said thanks for the evening and Mary crossed herself and invoked some sort of biblical curse.
pass (the ball) across the field toward the center when attacking.
His ability to cross the ball and pass it over very long distances absolutely astonishes people.
denoting movement or position across something.
describing the form or figure of a cross.
If that was what it took, I had to accept it and carry the cross .
To the early Christians and Byzantines, it was called the gammadion cross , and it figured prominently in their artwork.
He led her out of the bedroom and into something that looked like a cross between a library, a laboratory, and a study.
On the following day the cross will be carried by the youth of the area to the Cathedral.
Hybrids such as the mule, a cross between a donkey and a horse, are sterile.
he got cross with them
At least twenty people have offered to sell me a piece of the true cross .
It's a brilliant cross between stealth, puzzle and platform genres that you really have to play to believe.
So then, you've got PMS, and you're on the warpath, and you know that anyone who dares to cross you in any way, gets it!
He also died suddenly at a young age in 1987, and this was a big cross for Aggie to carry at the time.