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croquet / крокет
имя существительное
roquet, croquet
имя существительное
a game played on a lawn, in which colored wooden balls are driven through a series of wickets by means of mallets.
a croquet lawn
drive away (an opponent's ball) by holding one's own ball against it and striking this with the mallet. A player is entitled to do this after their ball has struck an opponent's ball.
Oh good, she said, and wiped the lawn with me, roqueting and croqueting my balls to oblivion.
You can play croquet on the lawn after lunch, walk in the forest and take a fishing rod out to the local rivers.
It contained a bowling green and croquet lawn, both taken up now with extensions and parking.
It has a heated outdoor pool, outdoor kitchen and croquet lawn.
We used to play croquet on a croquet lawn at the back of the house.
A player may take a croquet under certain circumstances when one ball hits another.
Here the tennis court, croquet lawn and swimming pool are integral to the design.
The resort also has a supervised children's indoor area, tennis courts, a croquet lawn, a bowling green and archery facilities.
In true Victorian style, you can play croquet on the lawn or chess, cards and board games in the games room.
With more leisure time available, lawn sports became fashionable, and games like croquet and lawn tennis cemented the value of a thick, well-groomed lawn as a base for family activities.
A game of croquet takes most of the day, and the two teams of four commenced at nine in the morning with doubles.