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cropper / жнец, издольщик, косилка
имя существительное
reaper, cropper, harvester
sharecropper, cropper
mower, cropper, mowing-machine
имя существительное
a plant that yields a crop of a specified kind or in a specified way.
the white-fleshed varieties are the heaviest croppers
a machine or person that cuts or trims something, such as wool off a sheep or the pile of a carpet during manufacture.
Bolt croppers , a sledge hammer and mobile phones were thrown from a Ford Mondeo at chasing police cars.
a person who raises a crop, especially as a sharecropper.
Census data shows that more croppers were black than white, but economic and agricultural conditions in the Depression caused a great many white farmers to become tenants or croppers .
Instead of work allowing the cropper to consume, the work consumes the cropper .
It is a very heavy cropper , ripening in August and September.
It is a good, regular cropper but never produces a particularly heavy crop.
He also knew that the Inca potato, unlike modern varieties, was not a good cropper .
I've ordered two varieties - Bluecrop, which is apparently a popular heavy cropper with good drought resistance and Herbert, considered to be the best flavoured of all.
It is a good, reliable cropper that starts fruiting freely at an early age, coming into season in September.
Concentrating on catalogues of objects such as houses, clothing, household furnishings, and food helped the authors make visible the invisible economic system that oppressed the croppers .
Instead of identification with the croppers based on common humanity, identification occurs between readers and authors through the shared experience of failure.
I also got the trade of the farmers, the croppers and the hands from the outlying country.
They complete the transformation of croppers into objects by casting them as ‘slaves’ in need of ‘emancipation.’