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croon / напевать, напевать вполголоса, мурлыкать
croon, cantillate
напевать вполголоса
purr, hum, croon
имя существительное
тихое проникновенное пение
тихое приглушенное пение
hum or sing in a soft, low voice, especially in a sentimental manner.
she was crooning to the child
имя существительное
a soft, low voice or tone.
he sang in a gentle, highly expressive croon
He's using it more traditionally, but his blend of eerie falsetto and soulful croon remains striking.
Most of the tunes are instrumental, though he drafts a few guest vocalists to quietly croon or blues-up the sound.
Ronald still sings with the buttery croon of an angel.
Hey, if you listen carefully enough around Christmas time, you might even catch the dulcet croon of a certain Mr Bing Crosby.
Invite a Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist to croon with your best student bands and fill the theatre.
‘Lovely Leia’ my Mamma would croon in a sing song voice to me as I lay curled in her lap.
20 years after his heyday, his signature croon is as smooth as ever.
But his pop songs showcase his singing, which starts off like he's reading his journal to a bored girlfriend, then takes flight in an impassioned croon .
His singing style suddenly changed into a deliberate croon .
There was the sneering velvety croon , power guitar chords and sharp melodies which seemed destined for success at home, in the United States and beyond.