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crooked / кривой, изогнутый, искривленный
имя прилагательное
crooked, wry, awry, askew, bent, hooked
curved, bent, arched, crooked, cranked, cambered
curved, distorted, crooked, gnarled, gnarly, bowed
имя прилагательное
bent or twisted out of shape or out of place.
his teeth were yellow and crooked
dishonest or illegal.
a crooked business deal
He stretched out, his arm bent and crooked , and grasped the paper in between his fingertips.
Some were crooked , some had curves in their build, and others had great holes in their sides.
Criminals of all hues from drug dealers to crooked business people are busy trying to convert hoarded pounds.
Drugs arrive in federal prisons via crooked guards, are smuggled in by visitors or are tossed over the wall; the provincial jail system leaves more avenues open.
The furniture was the wrong shape - it was curved and crooked .
She mumbled back, ‘So tell me, who hired you and your crooked band of thugs this time?’
His wife smiled, showing us her lovely, crooked teeth.
Rows of sharp, crooked teeth protruded from between the lips that were forever twisted in a frozen snarl.
Will there still be questions about crooked politicians?
A little crooked at times, he takes high-profile business cases for the money, while finding the time to defend poor clients as well.