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crook / крюк, посох, плут
имя существительное
hook, crook, piton, grapple, hanger, hinge
staff, stick, crook, pikestaff, verge, hock
rogue, rascal, cheat, knave, crook, juggler
whip, crook
crook, shrivel
bend, curve, twist, sweep, crook
имя прилагательное
crooked, wry, awry, askew, bent, crook
dishonest, unfair, foul, crooked, dirty, crook
unfair, unjust, inequitable, iniquitous, unrighteous, crook
имя существительное
the hooked staff of a shepherd.
Every year more and more shepherds hang up their crooks .
a person who is dishonest or a criminal.
Bernie's team work hard to catch thieves, whether car crooks or shoplifters.
bend (something, especially a finger as a signal).
he crooked a finger for the waitress
имя прилагательное
(especially of a situation) bad, unpleasant, or unsatisfactory.
it was pretty crook on the land in the early 1970s
I tapped a vein in the crook of my elbow to demonstrate.
A small-time crook threatens to blow up a New York landmark unless his demands for money are met.
‘Well, this is my stop,’ she sighed, rubbing the crook of her elbow.
‘I'm not a doctor but if blokes are crook they should stay home,’ he said.
This is about units in the normal market, which are regarded by many as a crook investment at the best of times.
Rebekah looked lovingly down on the sweet face in the crook of her elbow.
And despite battling a weak heart and a crook knee, Donald can't see himself giving away his volunteer work anytime soon.
The haft of the crook must be formed of unpeeled hazel for the shepherds will not have ash.
To draw blood for the test, a nurse or technician cleans the skin over a vein, usually in the crook of your elbow, inserts a needle, and collects blood into a syringe or vial.
She nodded silently and stared stupidly down at the crook of her elbow.