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crony / близкий друг, закадычный друг
имя существительное
близкий друг
close friend, familiar, crony, intimate, hail-fellow
закадычный друг
bosom friend, crony, chum, cater-cousin
имя прилагательное
close, near, intimate, familiar, nearby, crony
имя существительное
a close friend or companion.
he went gambling with his cronies
It is this sheep-like loyalty that has turned many a hard-nosed businessman into a servile crony .
What, they might not be able to get one of their crony buddies a job in the future?
But as an ex-Clinton crony he would say that, wouldn't he?
Being a crony of the president has never been grounds for disqualification.
I would not describe him as a political crony .
Critics dismissed him as a political crony with little emergency-services experience.
As is now apparent, he and his cronies seemed to have lied spectacularly about it all.
Former party leaders and their cronies have been questioned for corruption allegations.
Worse, he would lose all control of the network of corrupt businesses he has created to support his family and his cronies .
Some of these oligarchs developed especially close relations with Yeltsin and his cronies .