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crock / черепок, глиняный кувшин, глиняный горшок
имя существительное
crock, potsherd
глиняный кувшин
crock, chatty, greybeard
глиняный горшок
crock, cruse
crock, get exhausted, spend oneself
exhaust, crock, do, gruel
разрушать здоровье
crock, undermine one's health
имя существительное
an earthenware pot or jar.
When we were nearly done planting, Michael went down to the root cellar and brought back a bucket and two earthenware crocks .
a thing that is considered to be complete nonsense.
an old person who is feeble and useless.
As we sprinted away from home plate, I found myself in the disconcerting position of being a step behind the old crock .
cause an injury to (a person or part of the body).
he crocked a shoulder
He plays a pompous old crock of a secondary teacher.
A hen in a basket pokes her head out to drink from a chipped crock .
No, I do not have to go to the co-op, scoop it from a flyblown communal vat with a wooden spoon, put it in my reusable crock and carry it to the barter-counter with the handy hemp handle.
what a crock!
The slices are then packed into a crock , which may first be lined with whole clean leaves.
From the bottom of her basket, she took a crock of salve.
I'm an old crock and he's an old buffer
How do they always hide their gold in a crock , or a pot, at the end of a rainbow?
How, a perplexed public is asking, did a thirty-nine year old crock manage to swim through the air and prevent what was a certain goal?
She salted beans and onions in a crock , made jam and pickles, and preserved eggs.