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crochet / вязальный крючок, вязанье, вышивание тамбуром
имя существительное
вязальный крючок
knitting, crochet
вышивание тамбуром
вышивать тамбуром
crochet, chain-stitch
make (a garment or piece of fabric) using crochet.
she had crocheted the shawl herself
имя существительное
a handicraft in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle.
a crochet hook
Also on display are soft wood toys and dolls, puppets and lampshades in leather, ceramic and terracotta pottery, crochet laces, cotton durries, silver filigree and tribal embroidery.
Dobbs wrapped some yarn around her crochet hook.
Gauze and chiffon, decorated with skin-baring crochet or big organza bows, in shades of rose and mint took center stage.
Heiress, a wedding dress from 1957 with chevron pleated handkerchief linen descending in tiers banded with handmade Irish crochet , demonstrates the concept at its most magical.
Connolly interpreted fashion trends using traditional Irish materials such as tweed, crochet and lace.
the bikini is tiny, three triangles of cotton crochet
The organisers would appreciate any donations of knitting wool, patterns, knitting needles, crochet hooks or any old material.
Aboriginal women have proved with their crochet hooks that beanie making is an emerging cottage industry.
My grandmother was the only woman I knew who could sew, knit, crochet , weave, make delicious pies from scratch and wear a church hat with attitude.
They are given a free nine-month course in basic sewing and crochet skills.