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croaker / ворчун, каркающая птица, квакающее животное
имя существительное
grumbler, croaker, nagger, growler, grouse, sourpuss
каркающая птица
квакающее животное
прорицатель дурного
The meagre is not called croaker , but it can and does make the noise which gives their name to croakers.
The best of the hot dishes is their fried yellow croaker .
He is eating croaker and plantains and minding his own business.
In April 1990, the Department of Fish and Game outlawed harvesting of white croaker , a bottom-feeding fish, off Palos Verdes Peninsula.
Two days after most fronts, coastal fishermen can count on better catches of speckled trout and reds, even croaker and sand trout.
It's a cousin to the black drum, spotted seatrout and Atlantic croaker .
It includes whiting, sand trout, croaker , sheepshead, flounder, redfish and black drum.
In addition to the striped bass, the Atlantic croaker , or hardhead, is also a major predator of juvenile blue crabs.
With its staccato, drumlike call, the Atlantic croaker sounds more like a frog than a fish.
In bays, rivers and lakes, predators like pike, walleye, white croaker , and largemouth bass accumulate the most mercury.