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croak / карканье, кваканье
имя существительное
croak, caw
croak, caw
wheeze, croak, crepitate, croup
имя существительное
a deep hoarse sound made by a frog or a crow.
The track ends with a nighttime snippet of what sounds like a frog pond - croaks , chirps, waterlogged crickets.
(of a frog or crow) make a characteristic deep hoarse sound.
On Brookfair, the nights were so clear and silent that you could hear the crickets chirping and every frog and toad croaking for their mates and you could hear cranes whooping and ducks going to sleep.
the dog finally croaked in 1987
Having only a croak of a voice, I managed to screech out one chorus but apart from that was blessedly relieved from the pressure to sing.
Even when illness had shackled him to a wheelchair and reduced his voice to a croak , he never hid from his fellow man.
It took 'em 10 years to finally croak .
His voice gave out on the final syllable, his distressed croak fading abruptly into an almost inaudible squeak.
In the middle of war, it was a respite - the still of another desert evening, framed by the croak of frogs in the irrigation ditches, the snores of Marines all around me.
I'm less impressed with the recent work, which is mostly a stony croak over monotonal and mostly inert melodies, but it's not all bad.
there are a few people down there who'd like to croak him
Of course, annual species, like geraniums and impatiens, are supposed to croak every year after dropping their seeds.
Crickets sang in stereo and a distant croak of a frog interrupted the hum.
He was tired, his shoulder muscles have wasted, his clothes hung off him, the once great sonic boom of voice was reduced to a croak , but the legendary wit and warmth were still intact.