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critter / криттер
  • little critters - маленькие твари
имя существительное
a living creature; an animal.
Even in my newly adopted home in Florida, I am still bewildered to see critters outside Animal Kingdom.
But someday I'll have my own photo of that crafty critter and I won't have to link to someone else's image because I'll keep going back until I get the picture.
I could become one unhappy critter .
In some instances, keys are acquired from the undead, meaning you'll have to destroy every last critter before you can advance.
The tadpole shrimp is simply a critter that is in the right place at the right time, when it comes to annual weed control.
Clayton jumped on the small animal, but unfortunately the critter was prepared.
After you've mastered the mambo, grown a goatee and/or tattooed something sensitive, even your critics will have to admit you're one wild and crazy critter .
So, if there's beating in the family, if there's fear, screaming, anxiety, this poor little critter in there, is suffering that.
Set back as I tell about the heroic doings of this lovable critter as spelled out by the elder folk of our town.
It took a helicopter and police marksmen to bring the vicious little critter to justice.
The little critter she's holding was just two days old.