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criticize / критиковать, осуждать, подвергать суровой критике
criticize, attack, damn, carp, rap, be severe upon
condemn, judge, denounce, criticize, convict, censure
подвергать суровой критике
excoriate, batter, riddle, criticize
indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way.
states criticized the failure to provide an adequate and permanent compensation
form and express a sophisticated judgment of (a literary or artistic work).
a literary text may be criticized on two grounds: the semantic and the expressive
In his later school years his close friends were a group of boys who met on a regular basis to exchange and criticize each other's literary work.
You shouldn't just focus on the faults or difficulties and criticize the country.
The developer is criticized for relying on a private company for some of the supply.
But, criticizing Tolstoy, some theorists point out that an artist need not have the feeling in question in order to express it.
Thus, among many other consequences, theories should aim at being very clear and criticisable so that they can, if need be, be proven wrong.
The deal was criticized for not doing enough to promote third world development.
She is often criticized for not caring enough, or showing that she does enough.
During his latter Presidency he was criticized for spending too much time golfing and trout fishing.
It will be inevitable that they are severely criticized for betraying their country.
Recognize your criticizers for what they often are: those who love you best.