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criterion / критерий, мерило
имя существительное
criterion, test, measure, yardstick, touchstone, hallmark
measure, standard, criterion, yardstick, test, metewand
имя существительное
a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.
the launch came too close to violating safety criteria
Only then can we reach the standardised criterion of economic growth and prosperity.
Performance is the only criterion by which a team chasing greatness can judge itself.
That is the criterion or standard by which the arbitrator is to be guided.
The problem is there are no clear guidelines as to what the criteria should be.
Clearly the rules and the criteria by which the licensing panel are working are deeply flawed.
In addition, sites are selected as suitable only if they meet demanding criteria .
It eludes me as to how the various blogs will be judged and under what criteria .
There are certain criteria which groups must meet to apply for the grants to be eligible.
Judged on those criteria , the tour is undoubtedly a flop of monumental proportions.
There will also be a review of all existing holders to make sure they meet the new criteria .