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criss-cross / перекрещивать, оплетать
criss-cross, cross, intersect, rebaptize
braid, wicker, criss-cross
имя существительное
cross, X, mark, rood, criss-cross
детская игра в крестики
criss-cross, crossways, crosswise, across
sideways, sidelong, sidewards, sideward, criss-cross
имя прилагательное
criss-cross, criss-crossed
cross, criss-cross, criss-crossed
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, criss-cross
имя прилагательное
(of a pattern) containing a number of straight lines or paths that intersect each other.
the streets ran in a regular crisscross pattern
in a pattern of intersecting straight lines.
the swords were strung crisscross on his back
form a pattern of intersecting lines or paths on (a place).
the green hill was crisscrossed with a network of sheep tracks
имя существительное
a pattern of intersecting straight lines or paths.
the crisscross of wrinkles on his face
Suede in cognac or blonde adds the look of luxury to a blazer or skirt, and is the leather of choice for accessories or detailing, such as criss-cross lacing on blouses.
Our only feeling on that is that there are proven psycho-magnetic ley lines which criss-cross the country, and it is suggested that ghosts can use these as we use roads.
Tie the fishing line to the stakes in a criss-cross pattern.
The cause of all our ills are underground Geopathic stress lines which criss-cross our homes and if they just happen to overlap under the spot where we place our beds or the armchair where we spend most of our time, then we are in big trouble.
It had criss-cross straps about half way down the front, but underneath was deep purple material, put there to keep her modesty.
No doubt some of these were assigned to protect Air Force One, which carried the president on a long criss-cross from Orlando to Louisiana to Nebraska and back to Washington before that long day was over.
The lightly seasoned pilots would take off from the station's criss-cross runways.
Top with a criss-cross of crisp pancetta and a poached egg.
Lines and marks criss-cross them, enlivening the surface.
Here's the lawn today, with it's stunning criss-cross pattern.