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crisp / четкий, свежий, хрустящий
имя прилагательное
readable, precise, crisp, legible, concise, neat
fresh, cool, recent, new, crisp, breezy
crisp, crispy, crunchy, crackling, crackly, crimp
имя существительное
хрустящий картофель
хрустящая корочка
crunch, crackle, crisp, crepitate, scrunch
делать хрустящим
делать рассыпчатым
имя прилагательное
(of a substance) firm, dry, and brittle, especially in a way considered pleasing or attractive.
crisp bacon
(of a way of speaking or writing) briskly decisive and matter-of-fact, without hesitation or unnecessary detail.
they were cut off with a crisp “Thank you.”
give (something, especially food) a crisp surface by placing it in an oven or grill.
crisp the pita rounds in the oven
имя существительное
a dessert of fruit baked with a crunchy topping of brown sugar, butter, and flour.
rhubarb crisp
Now we have new, fresh, crisp apples and the old apples which are supposedly mushy.
The lavender berry crisp on page 159 won high praise from all of us lucky enough to taste it warm from the oven.
He seated himself across from Jake and pulled a crisp sheet of parchment paper from a pile.
I went for devilled whitebait, a good sized portion in a crisp flour coating and well dusted with cayenne pepper, served with lemon creme fraiche.
He was seen handing out crisp dollar bills to three star struck young boys watching filming in New York's The Bronx.
The weather this week has been crisp , cold, and clear, just like autumn should be.
They began to trample their way up the slopes yet again, the crisp snow crunching beneath their feet.
This book, like all of Rhea's works, is marked by thorough, painstaking research and crisp , lucid writing.
I also had to leave the biscotti in the oven a lot longer than indicated so they would dry out and crisp a little more.
Cram the lumps of chicken into hot pitta bread with the spiced yoghurt and some shredded crisp lettuce.