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cripple / калека, инвалид
имя существительное
cripple, disabled, lame duck
disabled, invalid, handicapped, cripple
cripple, maim, mangle, mutilate, hamstring, disable
disfigure, mutilate, deform, cripple, deface, uglify
имя существительное
a person who is unable to walk or move properly because of disability or injury to their back or legs.
cause (someone) to become unable to move or walk properly.
a crippling disease
Did the sudden motion cripple its electrical systems?
We must cripple the American war machine and lend all possible material support to those suffering its wrath.
With 24 actual plies, it can withstand severe cuts that would cripple a tire with just 12 actual plies.
an emotional cripple
In today's high-speed networked computing environment, both inadvertent damage and malicious attacks can cripple a system in the blink of an eye.
A blockade would cripple Taiwan economically without damaging its infrastructure.
And the arthritis isn't the typical osteoarthritis that strikes so many older people or the less-common rheumatoid arthritis that can cripple victims as young as six months.
Now British players are calling for government intervention, warning that the foreign invasion could cripple the development of the game, despite a sharp rise in popularity in recent years.
It proved surprisingly easy to cripple vital services to households and businesses, and to disable or disrupt major public utilities.
Business and consumer confidence is fragile, and there are fears that high debts could cripple future spending.