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crinkle / изгиб, извилина, морщина
имя существительное
bend, curve, curvature, bent, flexure, crinkle
crinkle, convolution, bend, sinuosity, wind, winding
wrinkle, cockle, ruck, corrugation, line, crinkle
wrinkle, pucker, ruffle, purse, crinkle, contract
frizz, curl, frizzle, wave, crinkle, frizzle up
wriggle, squirm, coil, meander, serpentine, crinkle
имя существительное
a wrinkle or crease on the surface of something.
there was a crinkle of suspicion on her forehead
form small creases or wrinkles in the surface of something, especially the skin of the face as the result of a facial expression.
Rose's face crinkled in bewilderment
we tried hard not to crinkle the plastic as we unwrapped the pies
He turned the page and for some reason the simple sound of the page crinkle made me want to cut off my ears.
He delivered this all with a wet smile and a charming crinkle in his eye and only the veins standing out in his neck mirrored the hostility of his words.
The afternoon typically includes one to three bags of chips, of which I hear each foil-wrapper crinkle and crack as she reaches into the bag, then the bite of each chip.
Grasping the bag she felt the soft crinkle of old parchment beneath the worn cloth.
there was a crinkle of suspicion on her forehead
Family obligations always did crop up at the worst of times, Kratos thought with a crinkle of his nose.
He shoots the boardroom scenes in dismal office-grade lighting, showing every crease and crinkle on the stressed faces within the room.
There's barely a square inch of skin between his beard and wire-rimmed glasses, only the crinkle of laughter lines around the edges and the occasional smiling rack of slightly yellowed teeth.
there was a crinkle of suspicion on her forehead