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cringe-making / съежиться решений
However, he must beware the pitfalls of trying to be too smart-alecky, too ready with the cringe-making quip.
It's just one of the many cringe-making lines that people are always saying in this film, cheesier than Roquefort in the microwave.
The plugging of the new Lions anthem at Cardiff was cringe-making stuff but it being sung at a time when the Millennium Stadium should really have been observing a respectful hush was crass beyond words.
But it's favorable in so many cringe-making ways.
What follows is plenty of slapstick humour, the odd chuckle, way too much mushy stuff and some truly cringe-making moments.
However, not all headlines are so clever; indeed some are even cringe-making .
Depending on your tastes, it was a golden moment in the history of British music or a cringe-making aural atrocity.
Celebs are notorious for choosing cringe-making names.
But what about the cringe-making moment when people burst into song for no apparent reason?
Ignore the cringe-making title; this is a European best-seller that's worth checking out.