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crikey / Боже мой!
Боже мой!
My goodness!, My god!, Oh my god!, God bless you!, Goodness gracious!, O dear me!
an expression of surprise.
Crikey! I never thought I'd see you again
Reality TV has taken over our airwaves and - by crikey - tears were imminent.
Even the band went ocker as the crowd screamed for more, the singer drawling, Jeez youse are loud, crikey !
So does every other Right Thinking Citizen, and by crikey , they're making sure that those somethings are heard.
Oh dear crikey , I think I've managed to rile my next door neighbour more than he's riled me, which is quite nice.
But I caught a bit of his press conference today, and crikey , if that was him on his last legs, imagine how he must have been as a younger man!
And by crikey , doesn't she look highly delighted at this thoughtful gesture?
By crikey , I thought, Simon did the best one there, which is fantastic.
Oh crikey , I thought, not another Parent Torture Association raffle.
I had it on the Amiga, and by crikey , it was a great game.
It might not be clever but, crikey , it sounds like fun.