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crib / детская кроватка, ясли, шпаргалка
имя существительное
детская кроватка
cot, crib
nursery, manger, crib
crib, cabbage, trot, cab, pony
совершать плагиат
crib, lift
lock, shut, lock up, pawl, latch, crib
заключать в тесное помещение
имя существительное
a young child's bed with barred or latticed sides.
Normally, the hospital beds for infants are big cribs , but the sides come down so you can examine the baby and take care of them.
a translation of a text for use by students, especially in a surreptitious way.
an English crib of Caesar's Gallic Wars
an apartment or house.
Mary lives wiv him in a council crib .
a heavy timber framework used in foundations for a building or to line a mine shaft.
On the interior, the building was further divided into two cribs made of slats with an open work space in the middle of the building.
copy (another person's work) illicitly or without acknowledgment.
he was doing an exam and didn't want anybody to crib the answers from him
he had been so cabined, cribbed, and confined by office
The room is also large enough to allow for a crib or a cot if a couple with a child is staying over.
Your hands will be shaking and they'll all be able to tell because you'll be holding your crib sheet.
There stood two boys, one in red and one in blue, on either side leaning over a crib .
an English crib of Caesar's Gallic Wars
When I saw one of these cages it reminded me of a large steel crib .
I remember having my ear glued to it as my brothers and sisters played cards - most often euchre and crib .
As we grew older we played cards - five hundred, patience and crib .
It's the crib sheet for all journalists working in Africa, allowing us to seem like experts at the first hint of a coup.
One image is a direct crib from Millais's The rescue and so the slide set must date from after 1855.
A shiver sped up my spine as we pulled up to Greg's crib .