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crevasse / расселина в леднике
имя существительное
расселина в леднике
имя существительное
a deep open crack, especially one in a glacier.
On good days they could travel no more than 15 miles, and they had to be ever vigilant of the deep crevasses opening up beneath their feet when the snow melted.
Cut loose, he has plummeted into a deep crevasse , where against all odds he lands on a fragile ledge and survives.
Way below him yawns a bottomless crevasse in a glacier.
Deeper, deeper, we follow the crevasse until it opens onto a coral wall.
Incredibly, he survived, making his way from the crevasse on to the glacier and then crawling all the way back to base camp.
When my wits returned, I was sprawled out full length on the snow with one leg dangling over the side of an open crevasse .
According to early reports, the rotor blade of the helicopter hit the rugged vertical surface of a crevasse over a remote glacier in the northern part of the province.
At risk of being stranded out on a glacier overnight by a fierce storm, they must make their way back to their camp over a narrow ice - bridge, which spans a deep crevasse .
This time it's like crossing a widening crevasse in a glacier.
This expansion of the compressed river of ice causes crevasse fields to develop.
Instead of being thick rivers of ice full of crevasses , the glaciers within the Dry Valleys are flat and rather smooth; some are even shaped like pancakes.