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crescent / полумесяц, лунный серп, полукруг
имя существительное
crescent, half moon, demilune
лунный серп
semicircle, crescent, hemicycle, demicircle, half-round
имя прилагательное
crescent, falcate, falciform, semilunar, falcated
в форме полумесяца
increasing, growing, rising, incremental, escalating, crescent
имя прилагательное
having the shape of a crescent.
a crescent moon
growing, increasing, or developing.
The crescent ray grew to immense proportions and then flew downward.
имя существительное
the curved sickle shape of the waxing or waning moon.
The moon waxes from new to sickle, crescent , half-full and disk, and wanes back again as the relative positions of sun and moon change.
a thing that has has the shape of a single curve, especially one that is broad in the center and tapers to a point at each end.
a three-mile crescent of golden sand
a moth or butterfly that bears crescent-shaped markings on the wings, in particular.
Now, 10 years later, the trees are growing strong, welcome news to the pearl crescent butterfly.
It had become a small floating island shaped like a crescent moon, surrounded by a light blue, metallic ocean.
In the Maldives, the sea is the focal attraction - a perfect narrow crescent of a beach lapped by the lagoon-like Indian Ocean.
Each charm is an alternating crescent moon and star shape.
The beach was set out in a crescent moon shape with the ocean lapping up onto the white sand.
It will not be washed out by moonlight this year, since the Moon will be a waning crescent just a couple of days from New.
Through the open French windows is a dream beach: a perfect crescent of pristine sand lapped by clear blue water and shaded by tall palm trees.
She had a golden cloak that had a clasp in the shape of a crescent moon.
They couldn't see another sign of human life along the three-mile crescent .
Bring the edges together and pinch to seal firmly, forming a crescent shape with a flat base.
Transfer the cookies to the prepared sheet pans and bend to a form a crescent shape.