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crematorium / крематорий
имя существительное
crematorium, crematory
Four police officers stood near the entrance to the crematorium throughout the short service.
A spokesman from the crematorium yesterday said a service had been held.
Police mounted a large security operation outside the crematorium , but the public heeded earlier police advice and stayed away.
Bodies are taken from hospitals to the ovens of the crematorium and the ashes are dispersed.
We were told that the facilities for the closest crematorium were not operational.
‘Ask the guy who operates the crematorium what it takes to get rid of a dead body,’ he said.
Family and friends bade their final farewell at a service at the crematorium as fans gathered outside in the driving rain.
We then had to deal with the crematorium , watch his body disappear behind crude curtains.
The cathedral service was followed by a private service for family only at a local crematorium .
Without missing a beat, he replies that he has been thinking about opening a funeral transportation service, maybe a crematorium .